Hi! I am FLORIAN BAYER. I am an illustrator working on visual identities, editorials and books

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"Florian is a master of traditional media, using dip-pen and ink to create bold illustrations full of movement and life, using his impressive draughtsmanship to suit the story he’s telling. 

His portfolio is brimming with fantastic illustrations - there’s a phenomenal level of skill displayed in each and every piece." 

James Cartwright | Itsnicethat

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"A different visual rythm with more culturally dominant kind of imagery. This act of slowing things down is increasingly seen in […] Florian Bayer‘s reportage pieces, where deeper layers of reality intrude […]. Post-realism is how illustrators document life, folding in the layers of images we carry around with us as humans in the age of pictures. "
John O‘Reilly, Illusive, Gestalten Verlag, 2015


Florian Bayer

Georg-Christian-von-Kessler-Platz 6
73728 Esslingen am Neckar

+49 178-5334553

Florian Bayer was born in Germany and spent many years living and working in Brighton and Berlin before recently settling back to Esslingen near Stuttgart, South Germany to continue his practice.He has been illustrating for magazines, newspapers and books as well as in the corporate communication sector since 2007. His style is characterized by scenic and atmospherically dense illustrations, with a focus on sensitive and complex topics.His work has won several international awards.Florian Bayer is the author of the book "Selbsthändig - Traumberuf Illustrator". Since 2009 he has been teaching illustration at the Faculty of Design at Würzburg University of Applied Sciences and gives visualization and illustration workshops for children and adults. The student work he supervises has won several awards and has contributed to the faculty's first place in the ADC ranking of Germany's  most creative universities.Since 2023 Florian Bayer is Professor of Illustration at Merz Akademie, University of Applied Art, Design and Media, Stuttgart
His clients include:Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Gestalten Verlag, Callwey, Deutsche Bahn, Lancome, Weleda, Wired, Wallpaper, Telekom, 11Freunde, Mare, Bertelsmann, GIZ, JCrew, Psychologie Heute, Hilti, Buzzfeed, GEO Saison, Cicero, Focus, Stern, Dummy, Neon, FAZ and many more.Florian’s work has been highlighted on Behance, Itsnicethat, Designboom, Freistil, Page, Novum, Illusive among others.

His work made appearance in group shows all around the world e.g. Seoul, London, Berlin, Milano etc.
For any inquiries, to gain details about existing work or discuss a possible new projects please email:mail@florianbayer.com

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